Since the blue dots (the points of the inverse) don't have any two points sharing an x-value, this inverse is also a function. Finding the inverse from a graph Your textbook probably went on at length about how the inverse is "a reflection in the line y = x ".
Problem(7) (8 points) The graph of a function y = f(1) = 4-1 is given below. Find - -6 -5 -4 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 the indicated quantity and interpret that quantity in ...
· A graph is a collection of points called vertices, joined by lines called edges: · A graph is called directed or a digraph if its edges are directed (that means they have a specific direction). A path joining two vertices X and Y The lowest or highest point on the graph of a quadratic function is called the The graphs of y = x2 and y = ºx2 are symmetric about the y-axis, called the axis of symmetry. In general, the for the graph of a quadratic function is the vertical line through the vertex. In the activity you examined the graph of the simple quadratic function y = ax2.
After these discussions and activities, students will be have learned to plot points on the coordinate plane and to read the coordinates off of a graph. The next lesson Graphs and Functions will introduce students to the graphical representation of functions.
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