Sample Motion to Quash Grand Jury Subpoena. Published: September, 2007 | Sandra Tibbetts Murphy. This document serves as a sample motion to be submitted by a domestic violence program that has received a subpoena in a grand jury proceeding, ordering it to disclose confidential information.
CONCLUSION For the reasons set forth above, the court denies DHHS’ motion to quash motion the subpoena issued by Pivec on March 8, 2019 to the Minnesota Department of Health. Because the Court finds that the subpoenaed documents were collected pursuant to state law and are subject to the MGDPA, the Court lacks subject-matter jurisdiction.
support of his Motion to Quash Subpoena Duces Tecem directed to L. Londell McMillan and served by non-excluded heir Omarr Baker (“Baker”). The motion is made under Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure 26.03 and 45. INTRODUCTION The Subpoena to McMillan is a broad, all-encompassing, and oppressive request for - Petition for subpoena re NCEC (Dec. 11, 2012). - NCEC Motion to quash (Jan. 11, 2013), opp. (Feb. 4), reply (Feb. 11). - Order denying motion to quash (Feb. 22). - RNC/NRCC motion to quash (May 31). - Order granting motion to quash (June 28). - Order vacating June 28 grant, denying motion to quash (Aug. 5). - Motion to enforce subpoenas (Nov ...
Motion to quash the search warrant with the issuing court; or 2. Motion to suppress evidence with the court trying the criminal case. NOTE: These remedies are ALTERNATIVE, hence if a motion to quash is denied, a motion to suppress evidence cannot be availed of subsequently
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