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Basic Knowledge of Continuous deployment & AWS Services ( EC2, IAM , S3 & Code Deploy). This post shows how to deploy a simple PHP codebase/script on an AWS EC2 Instance and to automate its delivery every time a git push is executed to your bitbucket master repository.
Then in BitBucket, add your AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID, AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY and AWS_DEFAULT_REGION as Repository Variables, and add eb cli steps in your bitbucket-pipelines.yml to deploy. The exact pipeline steps depend on your application, environment variables, etc. but it could be as simple as. image: php:7.2.11 pipelines: branches: master: - step ... Dec 16, 2018 · name: Deploy to staging deployment: staging trigger: manual script: - cd deploy - ./ definitions: caches: node-admin: admin/node_modules node-web: web/node_modules Bitbucket pipeline for s3 bucket. Congratulations, we have successfully setup the Continuous Deployment to Amazon S3 using Bitbucket pipeline.
Why EC2? Because it's free and provide very customizable configurations to the end user. We can select our favourite Linux based operating system and Click on the EC2 Service under Computer Service,it will show us EC2 Dashboard page, on this page just click on Launch Instance button under...
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